Join us as we celebrate International Women's Day with Joyce, a Rotaract club member and a passionate advocate for healthcare initiatives.

Joyce Joseph, a final year master's student of Medicine, found her calling in contributing meaningfully to projects aimed at uplifting communities when she joined Rotary during her first year at the university. A member of the Rotaract club of Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Joyce attended the Rotary Family Health Day launch program in Tanzania in 2023.

As a young woman in Rotary, Joyce advocates for gender equality and actively encourages more women and girls to participate in healthcare initiatives. She believes that involving more women and girls in healthcare education and advocacy can drive positive change and improve health outcomes globally.

Read on to learn more about Joyce's journey and her significant contributions at the Rotary Family Health Day program as we mark International Women's Day under the theme of 'Investing in women: Accelerate progress'.

Q1: How has your experience with Rotary impacted your personal growth and academic career?

A: Joining Rotary opened doors for me to contribute to meaningful projects, like preparing medical camps with the Rotary club of Dar es Salaam Oyster Bay. This hands-on experience not only allowed me to serve the community but also enhanced my academic journey. Being involved in medical camps helped me understand and appreciate my academic studies. It's been a rewarding experience that has shaped both my personal and academic growth.

Q2: What was your role during the RFHD program, and how would you describe the experience?

A: I had the privilege of playing a significant role in organizing the program, where I was tasked with coordinating various aspects of the event to ensure its success. Despite the initial hurdles, seeing the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers truly made the program special. Another aspect that I personally loved was introducing innovative solutions on the spot to address unforeseen challenges. For example, when we realized we lacked certain equipment for eye tests, we quickly set up makeshift testing stations using available resources. We ensured that every individual received the care they needed.

It taught me the importance of teamwork, adaptability, and above all, the impact that collective efforts can have on improving healthcare access and outcomes in our communities.

Q3: Why do you believe healthcare and its emphasis are crucial? What makes focusing on healthcare so important in today's world?

A: Healthcare is of utmost importance in today's world, primarily because it plays a crucial role in preventive care and early intervention. Many individuals only seek medical attention when their conditions have progressed to a chronic or advanced stage, often due to barriers such as limited access to healthcare facilities or financial constraints. By focusing on healthcare initiatives like Rotary Family Health Days, we can address these challenges and provide communities with essential check-ups and services, ultimately leading to early detection and treatment of health issues. These initiatives offer free check-ups and services to individuals who may otherwise not have access to regular healthcare. By providing these services, we can identify health concerns early on and intervene before they become chronic or life-threatening.

Healthcare initiatives like Rotary Family Health Days are crucial because they empower communities to take charge of their health, promote early intervention, and ultimately contribute to a healthier society. By focusing on preventive care and making healthcare accessible to all, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Q4: How important do you think it is to involve more women and girls in healthcare initiatives?

A: When women are actively involved in healthcare initiatives, they can serve as powerful advocates and educators within their communities. Women are more likely to listen to and trust advice from fellow women, making the message more relatable and impactful. By empowering women to participate in healthcare education and advocacy, we can facilitate positive change and improve health outcomes for women globally. From simple health education to promoting regular screenings and preventive measures, involving more women in healthcare initiatives can save lives and promote overall well-being.

Q5: What message would you like to share with other young women considering joining Rotary or Rotaract?

A: I encourage everyone to join Rotary or Rotaract. It's a chance to make a difference in your community while developing personally and professionally. Your voice matters, and your contributions are invaluable. Together, let's continue to strive for equality and create positive change in the world.


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