RFHA’s partnership with the National Department of Health and SANAC has been a major contributor behind the success of its Rotary Family Health Day programs.

After two years of having virtual Rotary International conventions, this year’s event definitely holds a special place in our hearts. Apart from the excitement about connecting in-person with Rotarians and old friends, RFHA’s partnership with the National Department of Health and SANAC will be at the fore for everyone to see how successfuly we work in tandem with each other. 

SANAC is RFHA's booth sponsor at the convention and Dr Xulu, CEO of SANAC, is one of the key speakers at the breakout session on June 8. 

“This is a strategic partnership that works with the country’s operational plan that ‘no-one is left behind’ and Rotary Family Health Days contributes to this outcome,” says Sue Paget, CEO, RFHA Inc. The key to the success of the Rotary Family Health Days program is the public/private partnerships that RFHA builds between governments, the private sector, NGOs, the media, communities, and Rotary clubs and districts on the ground.

“SANAC has an excellent reputation in terms of its HIV/TB/STI response and the region respects their innovations and programs. Their expertise and learnings have worked in this partnership and have helped us in bolstering our efforts - not just in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, but also in the rest of the continent – this is hugely valuable”, adds Sue. 

Talking about the global AIDS strategy, Dr Thembisile Xulu, CEO, SANAC, said, “If you look at the new global AIDS strategy, we are no longer just looking at what we call the 90-90-90, in terms of getting 90 per cent tested, 90 per cent on treatment and 90 per cent on suppressing the viral load. We are moving towards 95-95-95 which means it is harder to reach the population that we haven’t been able to get through the usual channels of our health facility.” 

Dr Xulu highlights the importance of a partnership with RFHA as the program helps provide a comprehensive package of services to the communities who have got almost no access to healthcare services. “Those are the communities that we are looking for - the last 5-10 per cent - in order for us to provide those services. We have these amazing Family Health Days with Rotary. There are multiple partners – including the government department, private sectors, communication partners. What we do is when we bring those services to the communities, we then activate the community to create instant linkages to the nearest health facilities, to ensure that there is continuity of these services.”

Visit us at our booth #933 to learn more about our program, partnership opportunities and much more. It is an event not to missed! 

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