Mark 29th November 2022 on your calendar today, join the #GivingTuesday campaign and let the world know how you made a difference.

The festive season is often the happiest time of the year.  It’s also a time to reflect on what you are grateful for and find a way to give back. So, if you are wondering how to donate effectively this year, we are here to help you decide. 

Giving Tuesday – The Idea and the History Behind It

Since its inception in 2012, #GivingTuesday has grown to become a global movement where millions of people come together  to give back and celebrate generosity - collectively, all on one day.

Celebrated annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (29th November this year), the movement was founded by 92nd Street Y, a cultural and community centre in New York City, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. GivingTuesday was inspired by the popular shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the busiest shopping days of the year - as an antidote to excess and consumerism. People and organizations participate in GivingTuesday all around the world and today, it has grown into a global generosity movement, which is an excellent way to give back and make a difference. 

Choose RFHA 

One thing the pandemic taught us all, was the importance of having accessible healthcare. We all struggled with a health emergency unlike any other we had faced, and while most communities have recovered, the gap between rich and poor - particularly in terms of access to healthcare - has never been larger. It’s more important than ever to show up for these communities. 

If you are mulling over which charity to choose this GivingTuesday, there are three things that should be front and center:

  1. Choose a cause that significantly impacts many lives; 
  2. Needs more funding and support; 
  3. and has proof of impact. 

RFHA meets all of those criteria..When you choose to donate to RFHA this giving season, you will be helping us to…

  • take free preventive healthcare and education to communities that have no access to them;
  • provide life-saving screenings including HIV/AIDS; Hepatitis A and B; Cancer, Diabetes and heart disease; 
  • provide vital life-saving immunizations including polio to thousands of children; 
  • go back to the communities that we have been unable to serve over the past few years due to the pandemic. 

If you agree that access to healthcare should not be contingent on where people live and their ability to pay, then RFHA is your charity to support this #GivingTuesday. 

Why Should You Be a Part of This Campaign? 

Of the many reasons why you should donate on #GivingTuesday, the most important one is that your generosity (no matter how big or small) has the power to help RFHA continue the important work of improving  access to healthcare. Your donation will help ensure that we have the resources to keep going and reach out to many more people in need. 

You can be sure that your donation will make an impact.

Tax Benefits

Apart from getting into the spirit of giving during the holiday season, there are also tax benefits when you donate to RFHA. If you live in the US, all donations to a registered 501(c)3 - which RFHA is - are tax deductible. This means that a gift to RFHA before the end of the tax year, will mean a smaller tax bill - which is always a good thing!  

So, mark 29th November 2022 on your calendar today and join the #GivingTuesday campaign. And then when you make your donation, please remember to share it on social with your friends and family using the #GivingTuesday hashtag and tagging @RFHA. 

Let the world know how you made a difference this giving season!

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