2017 Rotary Family Health Days Provides Free Health Services to 125,000+ Patients


Over 1800 Rotary volunteers and 600 other community volunteers participated in the 2017 Rotary Family Health Days Nigeria campaign September 28-30, 2017. This 3-day event provided 152 health camp sites, delivering free services to over 125,000 citizens in remote regions throughout Nigeria. The sites were built and managed by Rotarians and Rotaractors from 250 Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

Services included HIV, hepatitis and malaria testing, polio immunizations, blood pressure testing, dental care and much more. Over 350,000 free health services were delivered over the 3 days with thousands of follow-on care referrals being provided to people who would otherwise lack access to basic healthcare.

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Rotary Family Health Days is a program of Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc. (RFHA) , a Rotarian Action Group. RFHA operates in accordance with Rotary International Policy but in not an agency of nor controlled by Rotary International.

Len Lanzi